Ohhh, this will be fun!

Momma- my mother…duh.   Some really interesting things come out her mouth… word vomit.

Daddy Duck- my stepfather. A tough cookie, but he loves hard.

Baby Boy- My toddler son, the love of my life.

Rat Bastard- my ex-husband, baby boy’s father

M- my best friend, I don’t think I could love her any more than I do. She is funny and loud and everything I could ever need in my partner in crime!

S- My other best friend, a bit more shy, a great listener, and always there for me.  Love her so much too!  She can always put a smile on my face 🙂

Stud- a very handsome man in my life, he is great fun. He has his own post above!

Brian- M’s boyfriend, a very shy, but lovely man.

Tim- S’s fiancee, he is a good guy and he makes S very happy!

Nanny- my grandmother, she is very picky, but she is also the most generous and caring person I know. She makes a mean chicken soup and she sweeps the exterior of her home.

Maybe- A short lived fool in the grand scheme of things.

TFMRB: The Future Mrs. Rat Bastard. RB’s soon-to-be-live-in girlfriend. Gag.

JMan- A lifelong friend. We dated for a short time as teenagers, it didn’t end well. He is still warm for my form.

Jumbo- 6’7 and 245 lbs of pure muscle. He’s funny but he isn’t my type at all.

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