Some things have been happening around here!

1: RB moved to Virginia (can I get a “hell yeah!” ?)

2: S, M and I went camping last weekend while baby boy had a sleepover with his grandma and grandpa. We met men. I hooked up with one, we shall call him Maybe, because “maybe it will go somewhere, maybe it won’t”. WARNING: Here comes some of that single girl sex we talked about!  This is how that night went down: S, M and I were sitting around the campfire at around 7pm and we saw a good looking man at the campsite across from ours that we had been oggling all day. We decided to play rock, paper, scissors to figure out which one of us was going to invite him to come have s’mores with us. S lost. When the man, named Matthew, walked by S invited him over and he gladly accepted. At first it was just the four of us, but then another man came over and Matthew introduced him as his cousin J. About half an hour later Maybe came along, introduced himself as the third cousin and he too pulled up a lawn chair. I lost it. Standing at over six feet tall with a nice build, green eyes and strawberry blond hair he was gorgeous! He also made me laugh a lot, I love it when a guy can really make me laugh. I had to have him. At one point (somewhere around 1 am) M and I went into the trailer and M made a comment about how good looking he was and that we had been staring at each other all night and I should totally go for it. Well, when we got back outside after our little chat everyone was putting out the fire and closing things up! I touched Maybe on the arm, looked him right in the eye and said “come inside with me” and then shot him my best grin. He didn’t argue. Afterwards we cuddled and talked for 2 hours, it was nice. I don’t like the whole wam bam thank you ma’am thing.

3: Baby Boy now has 5 teeth and he is walking 🙂

4:  S and her fiancee got back together and M started dating a guy named Brian

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