That Stud

So, as promised!

There is a stud in my life, he isn’t a permanent fixture, he isn’t anything serious, and he isn’t even local. He is, however, hilarious, charming, and most of all, impossible to keep away from. Stud and I met a long time ago, while we were still in high school, and our hormones made the majority of our choices for us. We were 15 and we dated for a very short period of time, 2 months at the very most and we didn’t have any physical involvement, aside from kissing. We broke up and didn’t talk to each other for a long time, we just went about our lives and grew into adults. Stud moved to Georgia for his post secondary education and I settled into a life with RB. After seperating from RB, Stud and I began speaking again, and slowly our conversations grew less awkward, more personal, and eventually sometimes sexual. We have an interesting relationship, it’s a friendship that knows no bounds. I can speak to Stud about anything from recipes to guy problems and he is there for me, and he knows he can do the same with me. Somehow nothing is off limits, and nothing changes the dynamic of our friendship.  Stud is my lover when he is in town, but he is always one of my best friends. I am a lucky woman.

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