The Non-existent play-by-play and a breaking news report!

There is no play-by-play, Maybe and I rescheduled our coffee date for tomorrow at noon, he was too tired to go out last night, and Baby Boy was fussin up a storm.


Stud is coming up for a visit in a couple of weeks! I am excited to see him 🙂 I should probably tell you what he looks like, I know when I am reading a book or anything I like to know what all of the people in it look like so I can picture everything as I am reading. Stud is 6’4 (yes seriously, I myself am only 5’0 so he totally towers over me!) and he has a thin and slightly muscular build. He has blue eyes that a girl could completely get lost in (it happened all the time when we were dating way back when, trust me on this), short brown hair and usually some facial hair that he totally rocks. Normally I am not a fan of facial hair AT ALL, but on him it just looks right.

Ps- I perfected my smokey eye last night, it looks fabulous, I will take and post pictures later and maybe do a tutorial, it’s pretty basic but it looks really nice and is very versatile.

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