The end of Maybe

Maybe is no longer a maybe, he is a no.

A capitalized no, with an exclamation mark.

He is a “No!”

I spoke to him earlier tonight and he made it clear that our date yesterday was a one time thing, at least he was pretty nice about it. Though he did say that he only asked me out because “it felt like the right thing to do”, which wasn’t very nice.

 I am absolutely fine just being friends though, because as you read in my mini play-by-play I wasn’t really feeling it either, he is a good guy, but he really isn’t the guy for me.

Also, I spoke to Stud today. He was feeling the aftermath of a fun friday night, and we all know what I mean when I say that. He still looked magnificent though, as he always does. 

I can’t wait to “do the dance with no pants” with him.

I’m not talking about the fox-trot either.

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