A subtle smokey eye

I know it has taken me a while but here is a mini guide on how to do a subtle smokey eye. This look is very wearable and is a good every day, any occasion look, it is NOT the decked out smokey eye that you see on the red carpet.

Small intro: You will want to start with clean brushes and it is always really good to prime your eyelids with a primer ( Personally I like Physician’s Formula Talc-free mineral correcting primer). As far as brushes go I used a small brush and a smudger.

Step 1: I took a creamy white shadow and applied it to my eyelid using the small brush, paying close attention to ensure that I didn’t go over the crease. I then applied the same creamy white shadow to the corners of my eyes, near the tearducts.

Step 2: I took the smudger (probably not the technical term but what the hey) and applied black eyeshadow to the crease of my eyelid and once I reached the outer corner of my eye I swept some powder inwards so that it met up with my top lash line. I then gently smudged all the way across the crease.

Step 3: I took the same small brush I used to apply shadow to my eyelids and applied a highlight right below the brows.

TADA! Mind the poor quality of the photos, it isn’t easy to take a picture of your eye!


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