Creepy foot fetishists, and a morning surprise!

First thing this morning, at the crack of 8:30 am I woke up and found quite the scene before my virgin (HA-HA!) eyes.

At some point my cat had completely lost his mind (what little of it was there to begin with) and torn up an entire roll of toilet paper whilst on my bed. There were piles of shredded TP littering the foot of my bed. If that wasn’t bad enough when I woke up he was rolling around in it (and getting it frickin everywhere) and purring like he was a kitten again.

I sat up in bed, rubbed my eyes, saw the catastrophe at the end of my bed and yelled my cat’s name, my low morning voice combining with my anger surely causing me to sound like Satan and Barry White’s secret love child.

You would think that this would scare my cat, but no, any other cat would have run away but guess what MY idiotic lovely feline did. He stood up, took some shreddings in his mouth, brought the over to me and dropped them in my lap, beaming with pride at his kill.

He really and truly is one of a kind.

On to the foot fetishist, don’t think I forgot about that!

Yesterday M, Baby Boy and I were out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine we have been having (save for today, today I got caught in torrential downpour while jogging) and we stopped near a fountain on the riverfront for a rest. While we sitting there a man on a bike approached us and said the following:

” Hey ladies, my girlfriend and I are entering a photo contest and the theme is feet. Can I take a picture of your feet, all three of you?”


Seriously, what kind of photo contest has a foot theme?

The made up kind, that’s what kind.

I kindly told him no and we got out of there faster than you can say heels and ankles.


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