Forgotten Memories

So, you know that thing that sometimes happens where you completely forget something until someone tells you about it down the road or something triggers the memory? No, i’m not talking about alcoholism, i’m talking about when it happens sober. I had that happen to me this evening. I was in the car with Momma and she asked when Stud was coming to visit and so we got to talking about him. She then reminded me for the 162nd time that he was her favourite out of everybody I dated. I asked her why and this is what she said:

” He used to come and pick you up for school when you had early morning classes, he came at like 6:30 a.m and walked with you to school so you would get there alright and I always knew you were safe with him, and I don’t even think he had early morning classes too did he?”

She is right, he did do that, I had just completely forgotten about it because it was so long ago. As soon as she mentioned it I remembered it though. He would come on the bus and pick me up at my house, I would wait downstairs (everybody else was still sleeping) and he would knock gently, then I would tell my mom that he was here and we were leaving and she would sometimes say Hi and thank him, I remember it still being dark out. Then we would walk the 15 minutes or so to school together and we would have about 30 minutes or so to hang out and talk and kiss before I had to go to my early morning vocal classes. I always did feel much safer when we were walking together than I did when I walked alone, it’s not like he is ferocious and scary or anything, I just knew he would protect me if need be. It was one of the sweetest things a guy ever did for me.  I have been teasing him about hurting me all those years ago (he broke up with me in a somewhat harsh way) but really I should give him some credit, cause for the short time we were dating he bent over backwards for me. I feel like a bit of an ass now.

I’m grateful that he and I are friends again, he is very entertaining, and the benefits (when he is visiting) don’t hurt either 😉

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