Questions and Answers

I have been asked a few things, so I figured I would just answer them collectively as a blog entry rather than sending out individual responses. Feel free to e-mail me, any time, I love fan mail!

1: Q- How the hell do you have so much confidence postpartum? I have a 2 year old and am also in the middle of a seperation but I am terrified to date or have anybody see me naked, I don’t understand how you are doing so well, I’m a mess!

A- I’m sorry to hear about your separation, I know that it is a rough thing to endure! I can honestly say that I am not really sure where my confidence comes from, if I were to venture a guess I would say that it all started the day I left RB. I went to the bank with no make-up on and in my sweats ( I know, holy smokes!)  and the incredibly good looking teller was flirting with me and gave me his number. I never called him because I was freshly separated, but it really perked me up and made me feel attractive, and once I felt that way it showed on the outside, and men are attracted to that! So after that incident more men started hitting on me, and the more that they did the more confidence I had and it is just this positive cycle. Every woman deserves to feel that way. Go out and strut your stuff at the grocery store or park, you will see what I mean 🙂

2: Q- “Stud” sounds hot! Does he happen to live in Atlanta?I bet he’d make a good boyfriend.

A- Stud is indeed very hot, but no, he does not live in Atlanta. Besides, this isn’t eHarmony haha

3: Q- I rlly liked ur smokey eye thing, can u plz do 1 about summer foundation and stuff? I hate how my makeup melts off my face!

A- Thank you, i’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah sure thing, if you give me a couple of days I will put up a summer make-up tutorial, I have some pretty good melt-free products because of how often I jog and how frickin hot it gets down here in the summer.

4:Q- Did your husband cheat on you? How did you cope if he did? My husband of 9 years recently left me to be with his mistress and I am having a very hard time, not just for myself but for our 3 young children too.

A- Oh my goodness, no RB did not cheat on me (at least not that I know of *eyeroll*). I don’t have much guidance but I do know of a great forum where you can find support from people who are going or have gone through what you are. . Good luck 🙂

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