S and I hung out with one of our male friends today, he is admittedly more my friend than hers but still, he is a mutual friend of ours.

It was extremely awkward.

He made it very apparent that he wished it was just us, at the end of the evening he even turned to me and said that he and I should definitely get together again soon. He wasn’t rude or blunt or anything, he just didn’t do anything to disguise how he felt.

When we got to the safety of my bedroom S turned to me and said ” Wow, he so wants you, and not just in your shirt or your pants either. He LIKE likes you”

There isn’t anything really wrong with him or anything (aside from the fact that he has “the name”, you know, the same one as all of the a-holes, the name I swore off!). I just do not want a relationship right now. Heck, I don’t even want a friend with extras right now. (Aside from Stud, he doesn’t count, he is kind of the exception that makes the rule, ohh that sexy stud). ANYWAY, I guess I should give him a nickname since I am blogging about him….

I dub him Army Man, cause he is in the army.

I know, my nicknaming process is so unbelievably sophisticated.

Since he was being obvious when we were out I did the same, I must have said the sentences “I’m so glad I am single” and “i’m enjoying just doing my own thing and not being in a relationship” about half a dozen times each in the two hours or so that we were out, I may not have the balls to just come out and say that he should give up cause it isn’t going to happen, but I am also not going to string anybody along, cause that’s just mean.

If there is anything I am not, it is mean 🙂

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