Weather, surgery and Stud

Ole Ole, Ole Ole, it’s f-ing hot hot hot.

How hot you ask? Almost 100 degrees, and according to the weather network’s website it feels like 114.8, which sounds about right.

Baby Boy and I went for a picnic lunch and I have honestly never been so relieved to get into the comfort of my air conditioned home.

I did get some interesting pick-up lines used on me while out, is it just me or have guys gotten lamer? Also, the audacity of some of these so-called men is unbelievable, I had Baby Boy with me and it didn’t stop them from trying to hit on me!

One guy came up to me and asked me if I was an astronaut because my ass is out of this world…. Excuse me… but this isn’t 1982 and I don’t think that line even worked very well back then, did it Bucko?

Another man, who was on rollerblades, stopped and told me that it’s summer and it’s hot so I should be wearing less clothes.  I will admit, it was an appealing idea that I had already thought of given that it was so hot and sticky and it is legal here to walk around with your tatas out and your pants off. I didn’t do it though, I just laughed at him and kept walking.

Not much has really happened around here lately in momgonewild land. I had a doctor’s appointment last friday for some pain I have been having for a few months and my doctor said that it sounds like it is most likely my gall bladder. She scheduled me for an ultrasound on August 3rd and if it is indeed my gall bladder than I will need to have surgery to have it removed, blehhhgh.

Also, Stud’s visit is creeping up slowly, I am getting excited to see that smokin’ piece of man candy, it has been a long time since i’ve seen him. I miss him.

Plus, I want him, but I think we all knew that.

I met a hot daddy yesterday while out for a jog and gave him my number. He has called me twice already, too clingy , he’s gotta go.  I also met a guy who could have been Stud’s twin, so weird!

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