I love summer for many reasons, so much so that I almost forget about the mosquitos and sunburns.

Here are my top 7!

1: Bikinis. I enjoy laying out in the sun in nothing but a bikini, and I really love that in the summer I can wear a bikini top under my shirts instead of a bra sometimes, it is so much more comfortable and I do it wayyyy more than I should. You just have to watch out for nip slips.

2: Barbecuing. I am the grill master. I love barbecuing and will do so as much as possible, I even make a grilled caesar salad on the barbecue, and it kicks ass! I will admit that I barbecue regardless of what time of year it is and what it is doing outside. It can be below zero and I will be outside in my parka, tuque, and winter boots grilling salmon. I much prefer to do it in the summer though.

3: Tans. Unlike most women my age I do not go tanning at a tanning salon, so in the winter I look like the undead with a touch of donut powder. In the summer I can get nice and golden while out and wearing sunscreen. I like being golden.

4: Entertaining! I love to host social gatherings such as barbecues and potlucks and I do so whenever I get the chance, just slap my butt and call me Betty Crocker! I definitely favour summer entertaining over winter entertaining, in the summer there are so many delicious options as far as feeding a crowd. In the winter it’s like “Hey, wanna come over for some hot chocolate and soup? Don’t forget to bring your heated blanket!”.

5: Jogging. I would go insane if it weren’t for jogging. It is the only time I get to be in complete silence and think about whatever I want with no chance of being bothered. In the winter when it’s snowy I don’t jog, it’s just too crappy out. In the spring and fall I still jog and I love it too, but it is just so much better in the summer when I can go in the evening and watch the sun set while jogging, without it being cool out.

6: Sex on the beach. Need I say more? I’m not talking about the drink either.                      (Sorry Mom!)

7: Skimpy (ish) clothing. You will never see me out dressed like a skank hoe (with the exception of when I go clubbing, which is not very often), but I do love being able to rock a denim skirt, a sundress, or a tank top.  I loathe having to put on what seems like 9756896 layers of clothing in the winter. First panties and a bra, then socks, then pants, then a shirt, then a sweater, then a coat, then boots, then a hat, scarf and gloves. It’s just too much and by the end of the whole ordeal I look about 20 lbs heavier than I am due to the excessive amount of clothing.

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