All About Stud

I’m not sure why, but you people really love Stud.

Like, Adore, him.

So much so, that I’m going to do a get to know him type post that will hopefully address any questions that you have about him, I’m sure my inbox is going to breathe a big sigh of relief!

1.)Is Stud a good kisser? Yes, yes he is 🙂

2.)Is Stud nice? For the most part. Nobody is ever 100% nice. He has his moments just like the rest of us.

3.) How much older than you is Stud? well actually, I am older than him, only by a few months though.

4.) Does Stud like to read? I don’t actually really know the answer to that one,  presumably yes though.

5.) Does Stud wear boxers or briefs?  He’s a boxer man.

6.) What does Stud like to eat?  Does vodka count? Just kidding. He is much like Garfield in his lasagna cosumption. He also likes sushi, mexican food and salads. I don’t know what else he definitely likes, though I know he doesn’t care to eat chicken wings.

7.) What is Stud’s real name? Sorry, I won’t disclose that, especially since he doesn’t have a very common name. He deserves his privacy.

8.) If Stud and Maybe got in a fight who would win? Seriously? Ahahahaha. Stud would probably win, both Stud and Maybe are built the same but Stud is taller and manlier.

9.) How did Stud break up with you that “wasn’t so nice”? Long story short, we were teenagers, teenagers are generally fickle. He didn’t want to stay with one person for too long and he found someone else to date so he broke up with me and went out with her. It sounds bad, but don’t judge him, he was only 14 at the time. Funny storythough, 2 years after this happened I ended up becoming friends with the other girl, she even apologized.

10.) If Stud starts dating someone what will you do? We have never actually discussed it but I think it’s pretty obvious that when one of us starts dating someone we won’t mess around when he visits, we’ll just be friends without benefits, which is fine 🙂

11.) Does Stud have pets? Yes, between him and his roommate there are a cat, a dog and 3 ferrets. His cat is sooooo cute, when I go to visit him that cat is going to be very happy cause he’s going to be getting lots of attention from me, I may even bring some kitty treats with me on the plane, if you can even do that haha!

12.) Does Stud wear pajamas? Not unless him sleeping in his birthday suit constitutes as him wearing pajamas…

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