An even more interesting jog

It turns out that the hole-in-the-ass-of-my-shorts incident last week was only the start of some interesting activity and interactions during my jogs!

I was jogging last night and this cute guy was also jogging. He stopped and so we chatted for 5 minutes or so. His name is the italian version of the forbidden name. Shocker. He told me that I was the most beautiful woman he had seen since he had come to Windsor (he was visiting someone). I went to say something and he cut me off in the middle of my sentence by leaning in and kissing me very gently on the lips and before I could have any scary thoughts about rape kits or herpes of the mouth it was over. I was completely blindsided. I responded by taking a few steps back and yelling “what the hell was that!?”. He laughed and he said that where he comes from that is what you do when you meet a beautiful woman, you tell her and then you show her.


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