Getting caught in the rain, I’m ready to kill somebody and some time well spent.

I bought some new stretch spandex capris for jogging, I am pleased with them for two reasons. The first reason being that they are a size xs which is just freaking awesome because it means that I am wearing the smallest size of these capris that Adidas makes and the second is that I look freakin’ unbelievable in them, my ass looks out of this world and my stomach looks flat and tight! I took my new capris for a test drive tonight and got caught in the pouring rain, it was a little bit fun, but I also felt irritated because I got drenched and my shirt quickly became transparent.

I’m a bit grumpy tonight. I have my ultrasound to see what’s up with my gall bladder tomorrow morning so I wasn’t permitted to eat anything with any fat in it all day today, which means I can only consume jello, juice, fruits and veggies and dry toast, from the time I got up until the time I go to bed later.  Me no gusta this fat free diet. I am on edge and am pretty sure that tomorrow after my appointment I am going to eat the least healthy meal my little stomach can handle, McDonald’s here I come!

On a more pleasant note I spent some time with Stud today, it was nice. We went to the mall and then we went for a walk by the river. He is a great person to be friends with because he can always make me laugh and smile and has the best stories, plus he always listens to mine. He is also a great person to kiss because a.) he is a really good kisser and b.) when I kiss him I literally feel 15 again because it’s so carefree to kiss him because we aren’t together and there are no commitments or expectations and because I was 15 when we first kissed so it makes me feel like i’m 15 again 🙂

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