I am not very spontaneous,  I need to know what I am doing and where and when I am doing it, or I go cah-razy. It’s one of the very few things about myself I know I need to work on.

Stud is the worst for this.

He is the only one of my friends who will make tentative plans and then not firm up with me and because I’m not used to this it drives me nuts.

Sushi or hangouts tomorrow? Yes, no? I couldn’t tell you because I haven’t heard anything about it from him.

If yes I will blog afterwards with the details, if not then I will blog about whatever I end up doing instead.

Also, JMan is not coming down this weekend (or anytime in the foreseeable future for that matter) because he has some insane shit stuff going on and he is going to be moving.

Lastly, I have an ex boyfriend whom we shall call Woof Woof because that was my nickname for him back in zee day (don’t ask) and he randomly found me on Facebook, added me and messaged me to say that he loves and misses me and that we should get together soon. He also went on to say that I am his best memory to this day and that he has something else he wants to tell me but I can’t freak out.

We all know i’m going to totally lose my shit stuff when he tells me.

This dude has a girlfriend, and a daughter.

I hope he doesn’t say anything that I would consider to be inappropriate because then I will have to be mean to him , and tell him that he crossed the line.

Oh it really does hurt to be this good.

Modest too, clearly.


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