When I think about you I touch myself


Sorry, I have had that song in my head all evening, and I couldn’t think of a title!

So, I went jogging tonight (of course) (hey, those crab rangoons aren’t going to burn themselves off!) and I overdid it. I took a route that can only be described as my usual route on crack cocaine and then I ran up and down the stairs by the river 21 times for good measure. Now I smell like Satan’s pitstains and have chest pain to boot.  I have some kind of thing with my heart where it sometimes gets out of rhythm and I have pains, this was discovered when my (now ex) best friend E and I got into a huge fight (we always got into fights, she was a serious bitch) that sent me to the hospital because my chest felt there were knives being stabbed into it repeatedly. The doctor said that this type of thing isn’t really anything to worry about, it’s not even an actual condition or anything, but that it can be irritated by stress and physical overexertion.

Also, you guys, if I get one more e-mail asking me when i’m hanging out with Stud again and if I am going to blog about it I might go looney, and I don’t mean the coin. The answer though is that I don’t know, he is only visiting for a short time and he has a lot of other people to see. If I hang out with him again before he leaves I PROMISE to blog about it 🙂


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