Bug bites galore!

Last night I went jogging about an hour later than usual, I noticed 2 BIG differences:

1.) Mosquitos. Usually I don’t have to deal with any of these parasitic assholes but last night I got eaten alive! I have 14 bites on and 9 of them are on my delicate bottom. So, so, SO itchy.

2.) The people. Normally when I go jogging I am surrounded by people walking their dogs, rollerblading or jogging as well. Last night I was surrounded by couples. Couples holding hands, couples kissing and couples sitting by the water. I didn’t care for it.


Today I got some bloodwork done, my FAVE (note the sarcasm). Hopefully now we will know what’s going on with my gall bladder.

Also, tonight I have a date that I am nervous as all heck for.


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