A very “D” recap: A first (and last) date

I had my date tonight. If you’re wondering how it went think of this:

I went out at 6 and it’s now 9:38 and I have been home for over an hour.


Everything was going really well actually, we ate dinner at this english pub (which  was delicious by the way) and we went out for coffee and walked by the water. Then he had to open his trap and ruin everything. He said that he wanted to stop at the store in our city that sells drug paraphernalia because his dog ate all of his blunt papers. The date ended there.

Call me picky, but I don’t date people who do drugs. We have been through this before, the whole Kevin thing, remember? It’s even worse now though because I have Baby Boy and I am looking out for both of us and not just myself.

On an unrelated, but funny, sidenote, I now have 27 mosquito bites, most of which are still centrally located on my rear. I didn’t go jogging today either, I didn’t have the time.

Also, just about the most awkward thing possible happened today. Whenever M calls me from her home phone my call display reads “Michael (insert M’s last name here)” which is her Dad’s name. So whenever she calls I pick up and right away I say “well Helllllllo Michaelllll” in my sexiest voice. Today the phone rang and it displayed that it was her home phone so I picked up and did the sexy hello Michael thing and I was greeted by her brother, who I am good friends with. He said “Hello, Um…..yeah….actually it’s (insert M’s brother’s name here)…ummm…yeah”. It was SO bad, it honestly must have sounded suspicious. I explained to him that I always answered the phone that way when M called me from the house and that it was an inside joke. The rest of the conversation was still so awkward though.

OMG, I’m so itchy!

Time to break out the Calimine, y’all.

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