“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur”

RB called today. He and TFMRB are now cohabitating (gag). Originally she was supposed to move from Colorado to Virginia but he ended up moving to Colorado and moved his things in with her.

I don’t care that he is with somebody else, but I have a huge problem with him being with HER. The thought of my soon-to-be-ex-husband dating my (now ex) friend makes me feel sick to my stomach and the thought of them in bed together (we all know they’ve been doing the nasty, c’mon) makes me want to rip my hair out. He was telling me about how they go hiking together (very much like her and I used to when we were friends) and I wanted to reach through the phone and thump him on the forehead, clearly somebody should have had a V8.

As you can tell I’m not in the best of spirits today, it’s because my lovely little white cat who I have had since my age was still in single digits hasn’t been feeling very well and so I have to take her to the vet tonight. I am really hoping she is going to be okay and that it isn’t anything too serious or permanent.

Also, Stud has gone back to Georgia, the self-proclaimed “Goober state” .  It was nice seeing him while he was up here though. I wrote him a letter (we’re penpals, because we’re awesome and so badass like that) before he left and he didn’t get it before he left so now he gets to go home and read the letter I wrote to him about how I was excited for his trip here haha. I’m interested to see what he is going to send back my way.

Double Also, I do have plans with a hot single daddy next week, more on that as it develops 😉 haha.

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