Momgonewild AFTM (advice for the men) : Sexytime edition.

1.) If you have to ask if it was good for her too it probably wasn’t.

2.)  Don’t beg us for sex or let us walk all over you in hope that you will get some action, give us a challenge, we like that. If you just give it up it isn’t going to seem desirable. You know what I mean, men are the same way, think about how you felt the last time a girl threw herself at you. Can we say desperate?

3.) Pick up lines DO NOT WORK fellas. You may as well treat your hands to some new gloves or a manicure because that is who you will be sleeping with tonight.

4.) For the love of all that is sacred PLEASE shave your man bits, I don’t know even one woman who is okay with taking off a guys boxers and finding herself face to face with an 18 pound bush of coarse and crunchy pubic hair.

5.) Snuggling after sex often leads to more sex. Fleeing after sex leaves you blacklisted. With women word gets out and it gets out fast.

6.) Make some noise, there’s nothing creepier than someone who is completely and totally silent the whole entire time you are in bed with them. If you make noise most women will get amped up and become more vocal too which most men love so that works in your favour, plus more noise= more fun. Weren’t you paying attention in math class?

7.) There are 2 words that more than half the female population lives by: Exit Only.

Also, it’s called an Xbox because it will turn your wife into an ex-wife, just ask RB.

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