I do realize that I have been slacking majorly, but I have reasons, good reasons. The reasons for my absence are threefold.

1.)  I have been sick, a couple of days ago I started feelin’ like crud and I haven’t been able to shake it yet. As a result I haven’t really been myself, I am unpredictable and say and type whatever I think of, with no filter. Though this might make for some entertaining blog posts I guarantee you that I would also offend MANY people and get hate mail by the bucketload. Soooo, let’s not do that.

2.) I have been dating. I won’t go into detail about the dates that sucked because they only sucked because they didn’t impress or wow me in any way, basically they were boring. However, I did go out with the hot single dad that I mentioned a few posts back,  and not once, but TWICE. He is pretty fantastic, i’m not about to go all monogamy on your asses though, fear not readers, you may continue to live vicariously through me!

3.) I have been plotting and mapping out a 5 year plan for myself. Since my business isn’t taking off as well as planned I know that I need to go forward and make something of myself lest I live with my parents until the end of time! So, I am going back to school this fall and though I won’t say what I am taking I will say that it is in the medical field (ish) (kind of how dentists are in the medical field). Proud of me yet? You freaking should be!

Anyway, i’m going to go wash down some advils with a shot of tequila* (totally kidding, it isn’t even the weekend!) and call it a night.

*I don’t actually mix alcohol and pills, well, except for a couple of weekends back when I took some extra strength pills for back pain and then totally forgot I took them and went out for drinks with M. That was a LONG night.

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