If this makes me a bitch then I don’t want to be a nice girl

You will never freaking believe what Hot Single Dad disclosed to me today! It caused me to totally lose my erection* for him, more on what happened afterwards in a bit though, let’s get to what he told me first.

It turns out that his roommate that he lives with is actually his ex-girlfriend! They have been broken up for 8 months and yet they still live together! SO FUCKED UP! I am not getting in on that situation, no way, no how.

I pretty much told him that I can’t handle that shit and that if he wants to remain friends I am more than fine with that but that is all we will be. He said that was fine and that we should definitely still hang out. We all know that most likely will not be happening.

Yuck, I so feel like I need to shower and scrub myself with a loofah for a good hour or so. I am SO glad I didn’t fool around with him at all or anything.

*I don’t actually have an erection, or a penis at all. It’s just a saying.

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