I have met my match

The other day while out jogging I met a lady, she is me 40 years from now, I am certain of it. She doesn’t put up with anything she doesn’t feel like putting up with, and she isn’t afraid to play dirty.

I was jogging along and a bicycle was coming my way so I moved onto the corner of somebody’s lawn to avoid getting taken out. Well, this resulted in the sixty-something homeowner staring at me, yelling “BAAAAAD!” and spraying me with her hose. The next day I was jogging again and when I jogged by her home I noticed her outside tending to her garden. I then conspicuously started doing a river dance while laughing and saying “steppy steppy steppidy step”. The woman turned to me, sprayed me with her hose AGAIN and solemnly declared “This is war”.

What have I gotten myself into?

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