The Chronicles Of Boyfriends Past: Mario

When I was 14 I dated a boy named Mario for a very short time, he was my 2nd boyfriend, and we only had 2 dates. Really it doesn’t even qualify as a relationship, but at that age I didn’t have much dating (or kissing) experience and didn’t know any better. Our first date went really well and I was excited for our second. About a week after our first date we decided to go to see a movie and he was really really REALLY nervous. I figured that it was because he was wanting to kiss me and so I moved in slowly, he smiled and moved closer as well. Apparently he was still nervous though. Right when he got to my mouth there was a horrible noise followed by an even worse taste.  He had been so nervous that he threw up in my mouth! My mouth was full of chewed up popcorn and his bile.


I left the movie theatre immediately and never turned back, I went home and brushed my teeth until my gums bled.

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