Hey-oh, Hey-oh, where did I go?

I have been MIA, I admit it. Not much has really happened which is probably why I haven’t been blogging. However, something did happen today. I ran into my ex boyfriend, Josh! (See my previous post for more on him) when I went out for lunch with MJ’s brother, whom I am very good friends with, his name is Mark.

Everbody has been nagging me to try this restaurant (including Mark) with them and I have been avoiding it like the plague because Josh’s mother and stepfather own it and I knew that I might run into him there.

It didn’t stop me from being surprised when it happened though.

I chatted with him for a couple of minutes and he took down my number. Don’t worry though, he won’t be getting anywhere with me, he’s had his chance.

Also, I am going out for drinks on Thursday with a pretty cool guy, he’s an architect so from here on out I will refer to him as “the architect”.  I won’t really say any more about him though, he might see this and get an ego if I do 😉

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