Drinks with Art Vandelay

In a short while I will be heading out the door to meet up with the architect, whom I’m now going to refer to as Art Vandelay (if you don’t get the reference just google it) for some drinks and OF COURSE today is the day that my hair decided to pull a James Dean and be a rebel without a cause. I hope Art doesn’t mind sitting next to a spitting image of Tiffany circa 1986.  I am feeling a bit nervous, which is an uncommon sensation for me. Usually it’s just kind of like “ohh yeah, i’m young and hot and if this guy doesn’t like me then he must be gay” (I prefer the term confident over cocky). Tonight though since I have actually been talking to him and have gotten to know him a bit it’s more along the lines of ” oh crap, what if i’m not what he is expecting?” and “oh no, what if he is nothing like what I am expecting and he just plain sucks?”. The former is what makes me nervous though, because if the latter happens there is always my good friend Jose Quervo.

I need to go get dressed though, I won’t be showing up naked. I will blog about how tonight went in the morning.

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