Out of commission

While out with Art Vandelay the other night I bragged about how I had not been sick since 2011 but as sure as I am only 5 feet tall I woke up the next morning with a cold. Irony at it’s finest.

Not much has really been going on here, I went camping with baby boy, M , M’s brother and M’s dad. We had a lot of fun during the day and once baby boy was in bed M and I enjoyed some wine and some vodka, there was no repeat of last time though, no sex in the woods. Sorry dear readers.

One amusing thing that did happen though was that when we were driving to the campground there was a UPS van in the lane next to ours and the UPS guy was smokin’ so I turned to M and in my sexiest voice I said “well hellllllo mister UPS man, maybe sometime I could unwrap that package of yours” and then we heard an audible groan from the lane next to ours. It was only then did I realize that the UPS man had his window down. Oops. M was laughing hysterically.


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