Funny is…

Funny is…. watching Daddy Duck run around the backyard like a tool last night in his pajamas, chasing after a possum with his pitchfork. He looked like a redneck, it was pretty amusing. In fact, the neighbours thought so too. They had their kitchen window cracked open and I could hear them cackling. I can understand why Daddy Duck was doing so though, if the dog had a run in with that thing we would be dogless.

It was still hilarious though, it is right up there with the time he stood in the middle of our freshly re-landscaped yard with the wind and hail whipping down on him, mourning the loss of his overpriced soil and the time in July when he cut down a tree and it had a bee’s hive in it and the bees chased him around the yard for 10 minutes before he finally dropped to the ground, getting stung exactly 12 times.

We’ve had some good times in our backyard recently, clearly.

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