There’s a reason why it’s not called the luck of the greek!

Oh crapola, they changed WordPress, now I get to figure out how to use the new format. First Facebook and now this, what’s next, Twitter?

Anywebfails, I had a date tonight with Art Vandelay.

Basically to sum it up he smelled great but we got a flat tire, his tongue was like a giant booger and he called me a midget so many times that he is lucky that I didn’t midget smash. I don’t think there will be a third date, in fact if I could use my midget powers to go back in time I would have spent tonight watching The Big Bang Theory whilst wearing my poncho (which he made fun of).

Oh, i’m so funny.

Truly though, he did smell great (turns out that he wears Jean Paul Gaultier, not Armani Black Code) again and due to the fact that I can’t leave the house without something going awry his BMW got a flat tire between dinner and the movies so we didn’t end up seeing a movie. Instead we ended up grabbing some coffee and taking a walk down by the waterfront, I am glad that we did though. This way I got to know him better than if we had been sitting in a movie theatre and it was perfect weather for a nice walk. We also sat down at my favourite place in the whole city to just chill, it’s down by the water on some rocks and I refer to it as “my thinking place”. We did kiss but his tongue wasn’t actually boogerlike, they were very nice kisses, I am pretty content.  I am short (5’0) so he had fun with that seeing as how he’s 6’2. Everybody is just full of short people jokes. He also made fun of my poncho which isn’t really a poncho, it’s a layered sweater but he is a straight male so I don’t expect him to know that. All in all it was a good night and I don’t really have many complaints.The only things I would recommend to him are that you shouldn’t drink on a date unless you are out specifically for drinks and you shouldn’t put your hands within 2 inches in either direction of a woman’s crotch while kissing her (or while not kissing her for that matter) unless she puts your hand(s) there or you have already slept with her. It was a bit too soon.

Like I said though, all in all it was a great night 🙂

Oh, and I learned a couple of new phrases:

Packing some heat: which I think basically means I have some junk in my trunk .

Saving some coin: Saving some money. An obvious one, I have just never heard it put that way.

Last of all, I would like to dedicate this post to Sally Hansen and her tingly lip gloss, I enjoy it very much, and so did he tonight 😉

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