A point goes to Art Vandelay

I’m blogging from the depths of a vanilla and brown sugar scented bubble bath tonight.

The other day I was out for my jog and Art Vandelay joined me (be jealous, you wish you had a sexy architect as a jogging buddy) and he asked me a question, a question that drove home a very valid point.

“Is it ever weird for you that we have only been out a few times and because I have read your blog I know all of this personal stuff about you?

Yes, yes, one hundred and seventy-one times yes.

Normally when you start seeing someone they don’t already know the story about your first BJ or about the guy who puked in your mouth in the eight grade.

In a way though it worked in my favour. Art Vandelay had read my blog and so he got an idea of the type of person I am (confident, blunt, funny, foul-mouthed) and yet he still wanted to go out with me.

I must be doin’ something right.

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