So I lied

I didn’t mean to, please don’t set my pants ablaze.

I am talking to Stud and so therefore I am blogging about him. He is doing well, still living in Beastman, Georgia (if you caught how clever that was then bravo, there is hope for you yet!) and therefore still single.

Now, I realise that I said that I wasn’t really talking to him and that is true because we are both very busy but that was pretty much just my PMS talking because he is one of my best male friends and I love him haha.

Anywho, the exciting news for all of you is that Stud has created his own blog! Go Check him out there!

I would love to be able to tell you about my most recent date with Art Vandelay but we haven’t been out again since I last posted so you already kind of know, we have been busy.

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