Chronicles Of Boyfriends Past: My First Time

It’s about to get very personal up in here.

I’m happy to be able to honestly tell you that as far as first times go mine was pretty great and I have no regrets. I do have some funny little details though.

I had been seeing someone for 6 months and I was in love. By the way this story is about the same guy as the first BJ story. We had done everything else sexual and worked our way up to the main event (oh to be a teenager again). It was August and really hot out and we were at his house alone. We watched a movie and then we started making out and then the clothes started flying off (literally, they were flying everywhere. I never did find my panties). We had sex (missionary, it was both of our first times) and it was good. Afterward he looked at me, smiled and said….wait for it…. “oh my goodness, so this is what it feels like to not be a virgin! We had sex baby, we did it!” It’s  like really? I thought we were playing squash!

Two days later I came over and brought him cupcakes with this:  virgin , written on them in frosting . Oh how lame I am was. He looked at me like I was insane and I smiled at him and said, and I quote, ” I know what you’re thinking, and you’re welcome”.




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