Steve Makes His Comeback

Steve (see my story on Josh) has gotten back in touch with me after 5 years of not talking (life happens) and he is hot on my pursuit!

It’s not going to happen, but still i’ll blog about it.

He called me this afternoon and he was making it very apparent that he is interested in me. He kept mentioning how gorgeous and amazing I am and he must have told me he was single a dozen times during our conversation.  He also talked about how he is looking to find someone good to be with and that his cheating days are over now (he used to cheat on EVERYBODY he dated).

Like I said though it will never happen, even if I was looking right now. He has slept with a few of my friends and he is my ex boyfriend’s best friend. Not to mention the fact that he has slept with a lot of women, we’re talking triple digits,  i’m pretty sure his crotch is where sexual health goes to die.

So, friendship it is, and will be 🙂


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