My New Toy and My Long Lost Southern Friend

I got a new toy yesterday, a cell phone! I have already had no less than three mishaps with it! I realise that you are probably still sitting on your couch (or bed or in a tree) re-reading the part about me JUST getting a cell phone but i’m going to keep going.

Incident One: I texted Steve and tried to text him “Hi, it’s Dana! I got a phone.” What I actually texted him: “Hi, it’s the FDA, I got a phone!”

Incident Two: I texted Neighbour a really cheesy text but sent it to the wrong number.

Incident Three: I texted M to tell her that I got a phone and I sent her ” Hi, I goi a pjone! gabaha!”

Watch out Bill Gates, there’s a new sheriff in town, clearly.

Sidenote: Someone (anyone, really!) needs to go over to see Stud and give him some kind of sexytime so he will blog, his blog is WEEPING, nothing in almost a month!

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