Blogability and a very petting zoo wedding.

Sometimes there are things in life that are totally worth blogging about, and sometimes there are not. The hasn’t been much unfortunately. I am still seeing Neighbour and am happy with him. I start school in a couple of the weeks, I start on January 9th šŸ™‚
On December 28th (6 days from today) my friend Mark and I are going to a wedding (we are each other’s emergency dates for weddings and other such formal functions) and this wedding is taking place at… A petting zoo. There will be fancy dresses, tequila and goats. It’s going to be hysterical, you can expect an excellent blog post about it.

This holiday season I will be spending two days in Michigan with some family. It’s going to be quite eventful (no sarcasm, for once). My cousin is pregnant and her mother’s boyfriend’s son has a massive crush on her and can’t stand her boyfriend and they are ALL going to be there.

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